Two Life Changing Experiences - Rose Schibli

Forty-one years ago, I had a life changing experience for the worse. I had an abortion. This trauma, no matter how deeply hidden I kept it, it manifested itself in various ways in my life: bulimia, low self-esteem, inability to feel love and many other negative feelings too numerous to list.

Many times over the past forty-one years I went to sacrament of reconciliation, to counseling and healing masses.  Only now after attending a Rachel Vineyard retreat, am I free of bulimia, self hate, negativity, etc.

Every time I read or heard the word “abortion “or when a baby girl was newly born, I was reminded of the little girl I aborted and I grieved. Grief manifests itself in various ways, in both women who abort and in the father of the child aborted. For me it was bulimia; for others it is drugs , alcohol, etc.

When Father Jack was here for the parish mission I approached him for the sacrament of reconciliation. For my penance he advised me to attend a retreat called ,“Rachel’s Vineyard”. I can proudly say, after forty-one years thatt I had another life changing experience but this one for the good. During the retreat we walked through the steps of healing, dealing with the grief, and having a memorial service for our aborted child. I was able to grieve, experience healing, feel the love of God and give my baby back to God.

If you have had an abortion or have encouraged someone to have one, I strongly encourage you to consider attending a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. We are all precious in God eyes. “A precious daughter of Christ”. God is the one who heals us of all our iniquities. He will heal you too.

Parishioner of Sacred Heart Parish, Terrace,

Rose Schibli